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CULT ’70s: The Velvet Underground – ‘Loaded’

Thought of as an outlier in their discography, 1970’s ‘Loaded’ speaks to the truth that, at heart, The Velvet Underground was a pop outfit.

REVIEW: Death Cab For Cutie – ‘Thank You For Today’ (Atlantic / WEA)

Death Cab For Cutie’s ninth album ‘Thank You For Today’ does what it does extremely well, but 20 years into their career, it suffers from an almost total lack of surprise.

REVIEW: Charlie Puth – ‘Voicenotes’ (Atlantic)

Given almost total control of his artistic vision, Charlie Puth comes up with a well-produced but ultimately weightless sophomore album in ‘Voicenotes’.

REVIEW: Cardi B – ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ (Atlantic)

A divisive figure releases what’s likely to be a divisive debut album, but Cardi B’s ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ is undeniably an entertaining listen.

REVIEW: Weezer – ‘Pacific Daydream’ (Atlantic / Crush)

The tentative rehabilitation of Weezer continues afoot with ‘Pacific Daydream’, a likeable but lightweight collection of guitar-pop.

REVIEW: The War On Drugs – ‘A Deeper Understanding’ (Atlantic)

On ‘A Deeper Understanding’, Adam Granduciel travels even further into his own haunted mindscape to make another War On Drugs masterpiece.

REVIEW: Alt-J – ‘Relaxer’ (Infectious / Atlantic)

While it contains some exceptional highlights, ‘Relaxer’ finds Alt-J often struggling to find their footing on an admirably bold third album.

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