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Loved You a Little – The Maine, Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands.

January 27th 2022 saw The Maine release their brand new single ‘Loved You a Little’ with Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands. The track has currently racked up 2, 034, 830 streams since its release at the end of January. 

The Maine released their latest album ‘XOXO: From Love & Anxiety In Real Time’ in July 2021. ‘XOXO’ is very much an album that feels perfect for summer road trips and adventures, with how energetic tracks like “Sticky” and “High Forever” are.

“Loved You a Little” would not feel out of place had it been a part of ‘XOXO,’ it seems like the track would fit into the album’s track list seamlessly without compromising its own sound or narrative. The collaboration between The Maine, Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands may have been entirely unexpected by any of the artists’ fans, but that does not mean it came as an unpleasant surprise. This track is the gift that keeps on giving, there are so many incredible aspects to the song and it’s impossible not to notice another factor of it that makes it so good when listening to it. 

John, Adam and Charlotte’s vocals blend and compliment each other so effortlessly, and lend themselves to creating a track that has so much depth and raw power behind it. Furthermore, the track feels like a love letter to the pop punk scene, both perhaps because of the names attached to the track but also because of the energy that they have created and maintained throughout the duration of the song. 

If this is how The Maine, Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands are choosing to kick off 2022, then perhaps this year could very much be an incredible one for the pop punk scene. Not only that but if this is just a taste of what a collaboration between them is like, then maybe they may find that there is a demand for them to release future tracks (and perhaps even an album?) with each other – a prospect that is incredibly exciting and hopefully means that we haven’t heard the last of them working together. 

By Bethany Ellis

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