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REVIEW: Skull – ‘Thoughts Of The Others’ (Shoveitupyourcult)

Leeds-based four-piece Skull release an intriguing debut album which, while a little self-indulgent at times, leaves them with plenty of space into which to evolve.

REVIEW: Slug – ‘HiggledyPiggledy’ (Memphis Industries)

Ian Black’s second Slug album ‘HiggledyPiggledy’ is an erratic and irregular beast, but there’s enough for everybody to enjoy.

REVIEW: Tinashe – ‘Joyride’ (RCA / Sony)

Tinashe’s third album ‘Joyride’ displays plenty of vocal talent, but her presence is often obscured by her male collaborators.

REVIEW: Breaking Benjamin – ‘Ember’ (Hollywood Records)

Breaking Benjamin’s sixth album ‘Ember’ is a monotonous, predictable and overly-clean disappointment.

REVIEW: Manic Street Preachers – ‘Resistance Is Futile’ (Columbia)

Toiling to resolve their populist tendencies with artiness, ‘Resistance Is Futile’ might be the most emotionally honest Manic Street Preachers album yet.

REVIEW: Makeness – ‘Loud Patterns’ (Secretly Canadian)

Kyle Molleson studiously constructs his music before gleefully destroying it on his debut Makeness album, ‘Loud Patterns’.

REVIEW: Eels – ‘The Deconstruction’ (E Works)

Mark Oliver Everett’s 12th Eels album ‘The Deconstruction’ contains everything in its right place, yet the tone is most definitely more optimistic than usual.

REVIEW: Hinds – ‘I Don’t Run’ (Lucky Number)

Trading in hooks for warmer pop textures but retaining the lo-fi feel of their debut, Hinds’ second album ‘I Don’t Run’ is another understated success.

REVIEW: Goat Girl – ‘Goat Girl’ (Rough Trade)

Goat Girl’s self-titled debut album displays huge promise and compelling modern punk bile, but its structure of song sketches lets the band down.