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Welcome to The Student Playlist!

We are a Leeds-based publication dedicated to three things:

  • Reviewing new album releases and highlighting the very best new music that the worlds of pop, indie, electronica and hip-hop have to offer;
  • Curating classic albums and celebrating their influence and impact, ranging from massive million-sellers to cult classics and forgotten gems;
  • Showcasing all the best music activity going on in Leeds and the North generally.

Since the second half of 2013, we’ve gone from a one-man operation to a small team of reviewers, spreading ourselves as widely and as deeply as possible across the shifting landscape of new music. While we all have our different tastes, we’re united by a desire to see music that is original and interesting get the recognition it deserves, while seeking to place it within its correct context in pop history.

New volunteer writers are always welcome – no experience is necessary!

Please get in contact with us at if you’re interesting in joining our team, either if you’re looking for a stepping stone into working in the media, or you just want to write for fun.

All constructive feedback is welcome – happy exploring!

Ed Biggs – Editor

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