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REVIEW: Mashrou’ Leila – ‘The Beirut School’ (Shoop! Shoop!)

Spanning 10 years, three albums and an EP, ‘The Beirut School’ is an excellent snapshot of what makes Lebanese indie-pop activists Mashrou’ Leila so compelling.

REVIEW: Indoor Pets – ‘Be Content’ (Wichita)

Indoor Pets’ story so far has been a bit of a struggle, but ‘Be Content’ is a great pay-off, brimming with fun and loud indie-pop.


Sasami Ashworth’s satisfying debut album combines varied instrumentation and well-meshed harmonies with bare emotion.

REVIEW: Amanda Palmer – ‘There Will Be Intermission’ (Cooking Vinyl)

A deep dive into personal grief and loss, ‘There Will Be No Intermission’ is Amanda Palmer’s most intense work yet.

REVIEW: Sigrid – ‘Sucker Punch’ (Island / Universal)

With her breakout hit nearly two years behind her, Sigrid’s long-awaited debut album ‘Sucker Punch’ pays out on that early promise.

REVIEW: Hand Habits – ‘placeholder’ (Saddle Creek)

Having worked with Kevin Morby and The War On Drugs as a guitarist, Meg Duffy shows herself to be a classy and poignant songwriter on her second Hand Habits album ‘placeholder’.

REVIEW: Pond – ‘Tasmania’ (Marathon)

Musically speaking, not much is new on Pond’s eighth album ‘Tasmania’, except for Nick Allbrook’s weighty cynicism about the future of humanity.

REVIEW: Little Simz – ‘GREY Area’ (AGE 101 / AWAL)

On her debut album proper ‘GREY Area’, Little Simz demonstrates why she’s been one of UK hip-hop’s most hyped properties for so long.

REVIEW: Solange – ‘When I Get Home’ (Columbia / Sony)

Solange‚Äôs surprise new album ‘When I Get Home’ is a meditation on home, dreams, growth and feminine intuition, packaged in futuristic jazz and funk-inspired art-pop.