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REVIEW: The Mountain Goats – ‘Dark In Here’ (Merge)

John Darnielle and The Mountain Goats excel once again on 20th album ‘Dark In Here’, telegraphing pre-pandemic dread and anxiety.

REVIEW: The Mountain Goats – ‘Goths’ (Merge)

John Darnielle’s 16th album with The Mountain Goats contains a handful of quality highlights but is ultimately a mixed bag.

REVIEW: The Mountain Goats – ‘Beat The Champ’ (Merge)

by Ed Biggs Having been a proper ‘group’ for over a decade and a nom de plume for singer-songwriter John Darnielle for over two, The Mountain Goats are now on their fifteenth album. It’s a project that has long enjoyed a dedicated fanbase but has never really bothered the mainstream, and that’s unlikely to change with Beat The Champ. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind. For this album, Darnielle

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