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REVIEW: Mumford & Sons – ‘Delta’ (Island Records)

On their fourth LP Delta, Mumford & Sons are yet again inoffensive and as approachable as they always were. A cohesive effort, but one that lacks any real substance.

INTERVIEW: Jacob Kelly, The Doghouse Bar & Record Store

What about Leeds makes it unique for students and young music fans? Leeds is a big city but it’s really impact, so it’s really good if there’s a lot of things going on at the weekend you don’t have to travel too far from venue to venue. It creates a nice weekend out kind of vibe, of different venues doing different things. It’s also got a long history with music

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LIVE REVIEW: Forest Swords – Headrow House, Leeds (20/10/17)

Upon arrival at tonight’s gig, those accustomed with Headrow House might have been taken aback, as the venue looks more like a foggy graveyard than an event space… The 200-capacity room is being continuously pumped with smoke, making seeing more than a few feet in front of you a challenge, yet conjures an intense and unique atmosphere that couldn’t feel more suiting and effective for tonight’s event; the residency of

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INTERVIEW: Paul Raper, Co-Owner, SingleShot Vinyl Records & Coffeehouse

We chatted to the co-owner of SingleShot Vinyl Records & Coffeehouse, on Central Road in Leeds city centre.

INTERVIEW: Adam Gillison, Manager, Jumbo Records

We sat down with Adam Gillison, manager of Jumbo Records

INTERVIEW: Scott Gamble, Crash Records

We chatted to Scott Gamble from Crash Records about the shop, and the Leeds music scene.

INTERVIEW: Stephen Farrer, Relics Records

We chatted with Stephen Farrer of Relics Records about the Leeds scene, and why students are driving the vinyl revival.

INTERVIEW: Chris Coulthard, NoiseIsForHeroes

We chatted with Chris Coulthard, the owner of the recently opened NoiseIsForHeroes second-hand record shop in Leeds.

REVIEW: Ho99o9 – ‘United States Of Horror’ (Toys Have Powers)

The idea that a debut album should represent the sound of a band is one which remains true 99% of the time, however, during ‘United States of Horror’s 40+ minutes, the only notion of clarity we get is that Ho99o9 are as uncommitted to one sound as they are committed to challenging the listener.

News Round-up – March 6th 2017

Alt-J confirm their third album will be titled ‘Relaxer’ and released on June 9, and share their new track ‘3WW’. On Sunday (March 5) the band announced the release date of Relaxer, their follow-up album to This Is All Yours, 2014. The announcement also came accompanied with the release of a new 55 second instrumental track, ‘3WW’. The song was released with the enigmatic binary code of ‘00110011 01110111 01110111’

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