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REVIEW: Skating Polly – ‘The Make It All Show’ (El Camino)

Skating Polly’s fifth album ‘The Make It All Show’ is loud, dynamic and graceful, and the kind of record a band makes when its at the peak of its imperial phase.

REVIEW: War On Women – ‘Capture The Flag’ (Bridge Nine Records)

There’s plenty of energy and righteous anger on War On Women’s second full-length ‘Capture The Flag’, but it’s ultimately hamstrung by a punk-by-numbers approach.

REVIEW: Skull – ‘Thoughts Of The Others’ (Shoveitupyourcult)

Leeds-based four-piece Skull release an intriguing debut album which, while a little self-indulgent at times, leaves them with plenty of space into which to evolve.

REVIEW: Dream Wife – ‘Dream Wife’ (Lucky Number)

Politics, righteousness and amazing tunes freighted with force and melody, ‘Dream Wife’ is everything you could possibly want from a debut album.

WOMEN IN ROCK no.6: Siouxsie Sioux

Our sixth Women In Rock profile looks at Siouxsie Sioux, the High Priestess of British punk and a key influence on goth and post-punk.

REVIEW: Dream Wife – ‘Fire’ EP (Lucky Number Music)

Dream Wife’s latest single ‘Fire’, padded out to an EP with previous release ‘Somebody’ and three new remixes, only makes the prospect of a debut album even more exciting.

WOMEN IN ROCK no.5: Exene Cervenka

Our latest Women In Rock profile looks at Exene Cervenka, creative engine of L.A. punk pioneers X, latterly Auntie Christ and The Knitters, and also a successful multi-media artist in her own right.

REVIEW: Nadine Shah – ‘Holiday Destination’ (1965 Records)

Nadine Shah’s politically and socially on-point third album ‘Holiday Destination’ should see her access a wider audience.

REVIEW: Liars – ‘TFCF’ (Mute)

TCFN is in no way the worst album ever, but it is the worst album Liars have released, whether it be through its deliberately painful drones and grating textures, or just poor songwriting Andrew has made a huge misstep on this record.