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REVIEW: L7 – ‘Scatter The Rats’ (Blackheart)

‘Scatter The Rats’, the first L7 album in 19 years, still packs the punk thrills of old in places but isn’t a great representation of their true power overall.

REVIEW: Ex Hex – ‘It’s Real’ (Merge)

American indie icon Mary Timony re-assembles Ex Hex for a fun, if predictable, second album of garage-punk in ‘It’s Real’.

PLAYLIST: International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, here’s a whacking great playlist of awesome music written, performed or sung by women.

CULT ’70s: Siouxsie & The Banshees – ‘The Scream’

A key marker in the evolution of the British post-punk and goth scenes, Siouxsie & The Banshees’ 1978 debut album ‘The Scream’ is brilliantly and darkly compelling.

CLASSIC ’00s: Lady Gaga – ‘The Fame’

An album that revolutionised the stale and small pop music scene of 2008, Lady Gaga’s iconic debut album ‘The Fame’ turns 10 years old.

REVIEW: Little Ugly Girls – ‘Little Ugly Girls’ (Chapter Music)

A long-standing omission from the riot-grrl canon has been finally corrected, as early ’90s feminist post-hardcore heroes Little Ugly Girls finally get a full-length album, pieced together from demos.

WOMEN IN ROCK no.7: Viv Albertine

An introduction to the iconic Viv Albertine: guitarist for The Slits, outspoken activist and pioneer for women in British indie and punk.

REVIEW: Skating Polly – ‘The Make It All Show’ (El Camino)

Skating Polly’s fifth album ‘The Make It All Show’ is loud, dynamic and graceful, and the kind of record a band makes when its at the peak of its imperial phase.

REVIEW: War On Women – ‘Capture The Flag’ (Bridge Nine Records)

There’s plenty of energy and righteous anger on War On Women’s second full-length ‘Capture The Flag’, but it’s ultimately hamstrung by a punk-by-numbers approach.

REVIEW: Skull – ‘Thoughts Of The Others’ (Shoveitupyourcult)

Leeds-based four-piece Skull release an intriguing debut album which, while a little self-indulgent at times, leaves them with plenty of space into which to evolve.

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