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REVIEW: Tame Impala – ‘The Slow Rush’ (Island / Modular)

A thematic and true sequel to his previous Tame Impala masterpieces, Kevin Parker ruminates on the nature of time on ‘The Slow Rush’.

REVIEW: Summer Camp – ‘Romantic Comedy’ (Apricot Recordings)

Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey’s first Summer Camp album in five years, ‘Romantic Comedy’ is a completely brilliant analysis and subversion of pop culture’s presentation of love.

REVIEW: Mush – ‘3D Routine’ (Memphis Industries)

With their tongue-in-cheek take on the state of the world set to jaggy, DIY indie-punk, Mush’s debut album ‘3D Routine’ is a great first effort.

REVIEW: La Roux – ‘Supervision’ (Supercolour Records / Believe)

Catchy deep cuts and emotive, personal songwriting make Elly Jackson’s long-awaited third La Roux album ‘Supervision’ a success.

REVIEW: Shopping – ‘All Or Nothing’ (Fat Cat)

Rachel Aggs’ latest Shopping album ‘All Or Nothing’ finds their wiry, anxious and kinetic post-punk formula very much un-messed with.

REVIEW: Green Day – ‘Father Of All…’ (Reprise)

Green Day’s deliberately economical 13th album ‘Father Of All…’ represents a minor late-career upswing, full of energy and spirit.

REVIEW: Torres – ‘Silver Tongue’ (Merge)

Mackenzie Scott’s fourth TORRES album ‘Silver Tongue’ contains some of her boldest compositions to date.

REVIEW: Fudge. – ‘Panic On’ EP (self-released)

‘Panic On’ serves as a clearing house for Leeds quartet Fudge.’s previous excellent singles.

REVIEW: Drive-By Truckers – ‘The Unraveling’ (ATO)

Explicitly political and unflinching in its analysis of American society’s malaise, ‘The Unraveling’ is a barely disguised expression of revulsion.