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REVIEW: Twin Atlantic – ‘Power’ (Red Bull Records)

Twin Atlantic’s bid for stadium glory, ‘Power’ is sadly blustery and critically lacking in invention and emotion.

REVIEW: Pet Shop Boys – ‘Hotspot’ (x2)

While innocuous on first impression, ‘Hotspot’ is as intelligent and reflective an album as Pet Shop Boys have made in their long and iconic career.

REVIEW: Courteeners – ‘More. Again. Forever.’ (Ignition)

Continuing to build on their recently discovered dance/rock aesthetic, Courteeners’ sixth album ‘More. Again. Forever.’ will at least please the die-hards.

REVIEW: Algiers – ‘There Is No Year’ (Matador)

More technically precise, sonically diverse and politically urgent than ever before, Algiers’ third album ‘There Is No Year’ is essential listening for indie fans.

REVIEW: Eminem – ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ (Shady / Aftermath / Interscope)

Reminders of Eminem’s former glory are overshadowed by pointless offence generation on the rap heavyweight’s latest surprise album, ‘Music To Be Murdered By’.

REVIEW: Mura Masa – ‘R.Y.C.’ (Polydor / Anchor Point)

Opting to turn away from electronic music in favour of punk, Alex Crossan’s second Mura Masa album ‘R.Y.C.’ often lacks connection.

REVIEW: Field Music – ‘Making A New World’ (Memphis Industries)

‘Making A New World’ could have been Field Music’s masterpiece, but its message is often buried underneath layers of wilfully impenetrable art-rock.

REVIEW: Georgia – ‘Seeking Thrills’ (Domino)

More confident and less self-conscious than her already accomplished debut, Georgia Barnes’ ‘Seeking Thrills’ is a thoroughly enjoyable modern if occasionally safe pop experience.

REVIEW: The Big Moon – ‘Walking Like We Do’ (Fiction)

More confident and stylised than their debut, the emotional depth of The Big Moon’s ‘Walking Like We Do’ becomes apparent after multiple listens.