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REVIEW: Swans – ‘Leaving Meaning.’ (Young God / Mute)

Michael Gira’s latest iteration of Swans is rather similar to that which gave us three consecutive masterpieces, but ‘Leaving Meaning.’ isn’t quite as revelatory.

REVIEW: Kanye West – ‘Jesus Is King’ (GOOD / Def Jam)

In delivering a gospel album in ‘Jesus Is King’, Kanye West has divided audiences and critics in a way that only he can.

REVIEW: Blaenavon – ‘Everything That Makes You Happy’ (Transgressive)

Blaenavon and Ben Gregory speak eloquently about mental health on their solid second album ‘Everything That Makes You Happy’.

REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World – ‘Surviving’ (Exotic Location / RCA)

Some aspects of ‘Surviving’ might make it alarming for long-term fans, but the record is one of Jimmy Eat World’s most quietly innovative.

REVIEW: Vagabon – ‘Vagabon’ (Nonesuch / WEA)

Laetitia Tamko’s second Vagabon album takes the arresting vision of her 2017 debut and explodes it into something grander.

REVIEW: Battles – ‘Juice B Crypts’ (Warp)

Although they’re now reduced to a two-piece, the fourth Battles album ‘Juice B Crypts’ is a madcap yet concise return to form.

REVIEW: Floating Points – ‘Crush’ (Ninja Tune / Pluto)

Sam Shepherd’s second Floating Points album ‘Crush’ holds a mirror up to society, balancing chaos with beauty.

REVIEW: Freese Trio – ‘The Beast In The Blueprint’ (self-released)

On their second full-length album ‘The Beast In The Blueprint’, Leeds-based freese trio turn vulnerability and anxiety into strength and virtue.

REVIEW: Richard Dawson – ‘2020’ (Domino)

On sixth album ‘2020’, Richard Dawson narrates our modern, hyper-branded, anxious and rushed world.