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REVIEW: Lanterns On The Lake – ‘The Realist’ EP (Bella Union’

‘The Realist’ is an understated, graceful companion to Lanterns On The Lake’s exceptional ‘Spook The Herd’, and a perfect end to an era.

REVIEW: Future Islands – ‘As Long As You Are’ (4AD)

Emotionally unshackled but musically pristine, the contrasts of Future Islands’ sixth album ‘As Long As You Are’ make it their most rewarding so far.

REVIEW: Joji – ‘Nectar’ (88rising / 12Tone / Sony)

Sleeker and more powerful than his lo-fi early material, George Miller’s second Joji album ‘Nectar’ is a small but noticeable step forwards.

REVIEW: Cub Sport – ‘Like Nirvana’ (Cub Sport Records / Believe)

The biggest evolutionary leap in their sound yet, Cub Sport’s fourth album ‘Like Nirvana’ works best at its boldest.

REVIEW: Little Kid – ‘Transfiguration Highway’ (Solitaire Recordings)

‘Transfiguration Highway’, the sixth album from Canadian indie act Little Kid, is a warm and welcoming record recalling folk from the Sixties and Seventies.

REVIEW: Muzz – ‘Muzz’ (Matador)

A new side-project headed by Interpol’s Paul Banks, ‘Muzz’ is functional but ultimately nowhere near ambitious enough to transcend its origins.

REVIEW: Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams – ‘Aporia’ (Asthmatic Kitty)

A curate’s egg only of interest to hard-bitten Sufjan fans, ‘Aporia’ is a series of frustratingly half-formed good ideas recorded with his stepfather Lowell Brams.

REVIEW: The Weeknd – ‘After Hours’ (Republic / UMG)

Grittier, darker and more emotionally honest than anything he’s ever done, ‘After Hours’ represents a step forward for Abel Tesfaye.

REVIEW: Summer Camp – ‘Romantic Comedy’ (Apricot Recordings)

Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey’s first Summer Camp album in five years, ‘Romantic Comedy’ is a completely brilliant analysis and subversion of pop culture’s presentation of love.

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