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PLAYLIST: January 2018

All the best new music released in January 2018 – including Shame, Soccer Mommy, Dream Wife and Field Music!

PLAYLIST: November 2017

A Spotify playlist of all the best new music that was released in November 2017!

PLAYLIST: September 2017

All the best new music from September 2017!

REVIEW: Gordi – ‘Reservoir’ (Jagjaguwar)

Reservoir is a thrilling listen from the off and is a great example of where Gordi is as an artist. There is still room to learn, but, this is a debut album full of interesting ideas and blissful textures which many artists would crave for.

REVIEW: Beach House – ‘B-Sides And Rarities’ (Sub Pop)

Beach House haven’t broken any barriers with their ­’B-Sides And Rarities’, but they continue to please their forever-dedicated fans.

REVIEW: Cigarettes After Sex – ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ (Partisan Records)

Much of the hype leading up to ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ originated from the maturity shown in the group’s writing, though little of that is evidenced here.

REVIEW: Ho99o9 – ‘United States Of Horror’ (Toys Have Powers)

The idea that a debut album should represent the sound of a band is one which remains true 99% of the time, however, during ‘United States of Horror’s 40+ minutes, the only notion of clarity we get is that Ho99o9 are as uncommitted to one sound as they are committed to challenging the listener.

PLAYLIST: April 2017

All the best new music released in April 2017, plus a Spotify playlist.

PLAYLIST: March 2017

A summary of all the best new music released in March 2017, plus a Spotify playlist!

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