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Inside (Deluxe) – Mother Mother

On January 28th 2022, the alt-rock band Mother Mother (who TikTok recently discovered the music of, and as a result the band rapidly grew their audience numbers) released their latest album ‘Inside (Deluxe).’ The band have kicked off the new year with their 21 song long album, an expansion on the 2021 release of the album ‘Inside’ which had 14 tracks. Many bands and artists appear to be releasing deluxe

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Loved You a Little – The Maine, Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands.

January 27th 2022 saw The Maine release their brand new single ‘Loved You a Little’ with Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands. The track has currently racked up 2, 034, 830 streams since its release at the end of January.  The Maine released their latest album ‘XOXO: From Love & Anxiety In Real Time’ in July 2021. ‘XOXO’ is very much an album that feels perfect for summer road trips

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An interview with The Slates

The Slates are an indie-rock band from Mirfield. They are cheeky, charismatic, youthful and talented. These boys are bracing the indie-rock scene with a cheeky grin. Their first pair of tunes (Try That and Flames and Tunes) have asserted their skills as individual musicians and as a solid band. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on. We look forward to hearing more from them and look forward

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Dead Friday Society – Hazel Door Mouse and Support (Northern Quarter)

Hazel Doormouse is a band to be excited about. Synchronous and light while not shy of a performance, lead Jack Laycock raises the bar of his own singing talent once more.

The Amazing Devil – Ruin.

Joey Batey may be mostly known by the public for his role as Jaskier in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ along with his contributions to the show’s soundtracks for season one and two (and has Jaskier become the Continent’s Taylor Swift in season two?). However, some people may not be aware that alongside his career as an actor, Joey is in the alt-folk band The Amazing Devil.

REVIEW: Benny Sings – ‘Music’ (Stones Throw)

A chilled and easy-going mix of folk, pop and indie, ‘Music’ will hopefully be a breakout moment for Mac DeMarco-approved Benny Sings.

News Round-Up – 8th March, 2018

A round-up of the week’s biggest music news.