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Dead Friday Society – Hazel Door Mouse and Support (Northern Quarter)

A diverse range of talents preforming at one of Huddersfield’s best bar and music venues.

@marnieglum_ – Started off the night with her incredible vocals. Anyone who may have had pre-show jitters was eased by her powerful sentimental voice and elegant guitar playing. – Next up was The Dots. They injected the night with adrenaline. The band as a whole was incredible especially the lead guitarist and drummer. They both played unbelievably well and the drummer did a great deal of show boating! – The headlining act. Convivial, technical and unique. Hazel Doormouse is a band to be excited about. Synchronous and light while not shy of a performance, lead Jack Laycock raises the bar of his own singing talent once more. Performing with his company of adept musicians we’re excited to listen to the next best thing coming from their direction.

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