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REVIEW: Tune-Yards – ‘I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life’ (4AD)

Album number four from Tune-Yards is by no means the perfect record, and may in fact be Merrill Garbus’s worst yet, but it has a voice which deserves to be heard.

REVIEW: TORRES – ‘Three Futures’ (4AD)

Mackenzie Scott’s third TORRES album ‘Three Futures’ has pushed into the highest echelon of women working at the peak of their powers in indie.

REVIEW: The National – ‘Sleep Well Beast’ (4AD)

Sleep Well Beast represents a change in the sound of the band, but, fundamentally, is a record which makes sense in their discography, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t one of the most well-crafted and interesting listens of 2017.

REVIEW: Daughter – ‘Music From Before The Storm’ (4AD)

Following two decent albums of sumptuous, dreamy indie-rock, Daughter’s next move is to provide the soundtrack to a video game.

REVIEW: Pixx – ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ (4AD)

Hannah Rodgers’ debut album under her recording moniker Pixx promises a fantastic future.

REVIEW: Future Islands – ‘The Far Field’ (4AD)

After their resounding success in 2014, Future Islands make the art of the ‘difficult follow-up’ album look incredibly easy with ‘The Far Field’.

REVIEW: SOHN – ‘Rennen’ (4AD)

While the production quality and ambition is high throughout ‘Rennen’, Christopher Taylor fails to showcase anything particularly interesting that we have not heard elsewhere, and done better.

REVIEW: The Lemon Twigs – ‘Do Hollywood’ (4AD)

‘Do Hollywood’ hints at something very exciting to come, if The Lemon Twigs can separate their own personalities from the musical character studies they’ve so expertly got nailed down.

REVIEW: D.D Dumbo – ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD)

Recorded in London, ‘Utopia Defeated’ is a well-travelled record that borrows from many palettes to paint a splendid picture.