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REVIEW: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Black Star Dancing’ EP (Sour Mash)

The first of three planned EPs for 2019, ‘Black Star Dancing’ sees Noel Gallagher venture even further into unconventional territory, but with mixed results.

PLAYLIST: June 2019

A playlist of the best new music to be released in June 2019!

REVIEW: Richard Hawley – ‘Further’ (BMG / Magic Quid)

Defined by a sense of energy and economy, Richard Hawley’s eighth solo album ‘Further’ is a display of songwriting precision.

CULT ’00s: Dirty Projectors – ‘Bitte Orca’

Out of step with the great majority of what passed for alternative rock in the late Noughties, ‘Bitte Orca’ by Dirty Projectors has quietly shaped the subsequent decade.

PLAYLIST: An Introduction to Moshi Moshi Records

Now entering their third decade, Moshi Moshi Records’ track record of discovering and promoting major new indie talent is second-to-none.

REVIEW: Mush – ‘Induction Party’ EP (Memphis Industries)

Delivered with restless energy and no small amount of humour, Mush’s debut EP ‘Induction Party’ continues to mark them out as one of the best British indie hopefuls.

REVIEW: Sebadoh – ‘Act Surprised’ (Fire Records)

Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein sound like they’re having terrific fun on the latest Sebadoh album ‘Act Surprised’.