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CLASSIC ’00s: The Strokes – ‘Is This It’

Pressing reset on an alternative scene that had gone stale and corporate by the turn of the millennium, The Strokes’ 2001 debut ‘Is This It’ remains singularly influential and important today.

REVIEW: The Strokes – ‘The New Abnormal’ (RCA / Sony)

The first new Strokes album in seven years, ‘The New Abnormal’ is a bold but only partly successful departure from expectations and previous form.

REVIEW: The Strokes – ‘Future Present Past’ EP (Cult Records)

by Ed Biggs The Strokes have had a tougher time than most in keeping everybody satisfied in the 15 years since their scene-starting masterpiece Is This It. The numerous critics and fans who’ve laid into them for failing to make an album as good as their debut have often been the same ones who’ve ridiculed them for trying to move on, so it’s hard to blame them for being a bit

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