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REVIEW: BDRMM – ‘Bedroom’ (Sonic Cathedral)

While its highlights are truly tremendous, BDRMM’s semi-eponymous debut ‘Bedroom’ is very front-heavy, becoming bogged down in monotony.

REVIEW: Khruangbin – ‘Mordechai’ (Dead Oceans)

On their third album ‘Mordechai’, Khruangbin take their globe-trotting aesthetic in a more conventional pop direction, but it’s no less rewarding.

REVIEW: Diet Cig – ‘Do You Wonder About Me?’ (Frenchkiss)

Diet Cig’s second album ‘Do You Wonder About Me?’ is disappointingly brief and underdeveloped, rarely getting out of song-sketch territory.

REVIEW: EOB – ‘Earth’ (Over Natural / Capitol)

As EOB, Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien doesn’t live up his pedigree on debut solo album ‘Earth’.

REVIEW: The Strokes – ‘The New Abnormal’ (RCA / Sony)

The first new Strokes album in seven years, ‘The New Abnormal’ is a bold but only partly successful departure from expectations and previous form.

REVIEW: Morrissey – ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’ (BMG)

It won’t do anything to win back any previous fans, but Morrissey’s latest LP ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’ is better than his recent efforts.

REVIEW: Destroyer – ‘Have We Met’ (Dead Oceans)

Dan Bejar’s 12th Destroyer album ‘Have We Met’ reaches the heights of his songwriting capability, but frustratingly infrequently.

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