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REVIEW: Biffy Clyro – ‘MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse, London)’ (Viacom / 14th Floor)

Scottish rock weirdos Biffy Clyro undergo a famed rite of passage by recording an ‘MTV Unplugged’ record, an exercise which brings out their distinctive lyrical qualities.

REVIEW: Biffy Clyro – ‘Ellipsis’ (Warner Bros. / 14th Floor)

by Ollie Rankine It’s slightly amusing to have an external view of the differing blend of continually simmering opinions amongst the ever-growing fan base behind Scottish heavyweights Biffy Clyro. Whilst the battle still rages on between the pre-Puzzle militants and post-Puzzle revolutionaries, the bizarre state of affairs within Biffy-enthusiast civil war may be about to hit overkill with the addition of their seventh studio album, Ellipsis.