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REVIEW: Charly Bliss – ‘Young Enough’ (Lucky Number)

An emotionally raw album whose message of survival is disguised under forceful pop-punk, ‘Young Enough’ is a major evolution for Charly Bliss.

REVIEW: Sunflower Bean – ‘King Of The Dudes’ EP (Lucky Number)

‘King Of The Dudes’ represents an intelligent, unforced and un-stylised expression of Sunflower Bean’s influences.

REVIEW: Hinds – ‘I Don’t Run’ (Lucky Number)

Trading in hooks for warmer pop textures but retaining the lo-fi feel of their debut, Hinds’ second album ‘I Don’t Run’ is another understated success.

REVIEW: Dream Wife – ‘Dream Wife’ (Lucky Number)

Politics, righteousness and amazing tunes freighted with force and melody, ‘Dream Wife’ is everything you could possibly want from a debut album.

REVIEW: Sleigh Bells – ‘Kid Kruschev’ (Lucky Number)

Mini-album ‘Kid Kruschev’ represents a further interesting development on the established Sleigh Bells sound.

REVIEW: Hinds – ‘Leave Me Alone’ (Lucky Number)

by Matthew Langham Hinds, or Deers as they were formerly known, have appeared on numerous “One To Watch” lists over the last two years. It’s been a busy a busy few years for the Madrid quartet after a legal battle forced their hand into changing name – a ‘hind’ is a female deer, fyi. Spurred on by the inconvenience, the all-female group have toured relentlessly throughout 2015 in anticipation of their

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