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REVIEW: Bicep – ‘Isles’ (Ninja Tune)

Journeying inwards and exploring different rhythms and textures, Bicep’s second album ‘Isles’ is a bit less than the sum of its parts.

REVIEW: Floating Points – ‘Crush’ (Ninja Tune / Pluto)

Sam Shepherd’s second Floating Points album ‘Crush’ holds a mirror up to society, balancing chaos with beauty.

REVIEW: Little Dragon – ‘Lover Chanting’ EP (Ninja Tune)

The three new tracks that make up Little Dragon’s latest EP, ‘Lover Chanting’, contain all the traits that make them special but don’t advance their sound.

REVIEW: Young Fathers – ‘Cocoa Sugar’ (Ninja Tune)

Young Fathers’ third album ‘Cocoa Sugar’ sees a resolutely left-field and undefinable band venture slightly over the border into pop territory.

REVIEW: Forest Swords – ‘Compassion’ (Ninja Tune)

Full of beautiful yet unsettling ambience, Matthew Barnes’ second Forest Swords album ‘Compassion’ is more than worth the four-year wait.

REVIEW: Bonobo – ‘Migration’ (Ninja Tune)

With his sixth album ‘Migration’, Simon Green still has a great attention to detail and ability to build nurturing melodies and a rich sense of emotion.