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REVIEW: Gorillaz – ‘The Now Now’ (Parlophone)

An introspective companion piece to last year’s ‘Humanz’, ‘The Now Now’ is a quiet triumph for Damon Albarn and Gorillaz but still comes nowhere near the heights of their glory years.

REVIEW: Rat Boy – ‘SCUM’ (Parlophone)

Jordan Cardy’s much-anticipated debut album as Rat Boy packs plenty of storytelling punch, but perhaps lacks the extra ingredient of originality to make a truly great first record.

REVIEW: Fightmilk – ‘Pity Party’ EP (Fierce Panda)

Fightmilk’s third EP ‘Pity Party’ sees the self-styled “popular” “Uxbridge” “band” full of brilliantly obnoxious attitude and having tremendous fun.

REVIEW: Mura Masa – ‘Mura Masa’ (Anchor Point / Polydor)

Mura Masa’s long-awaited debut album doesn’t quite shine with the same lustre as his early EPs and mixtapes, but his original vision for pop still alluring.

REVIEW: Forest Swords – ‘Compassion’ (Ninja Tune)

Full of beautiful yet unsettling ambience, Matthew Barnes’ second Forest Swords album ‘Compassion’ is more than worth the four-year wait.

REVIEW: Gorillaz – ‘Humanz’ (Parlophone / Warner Bros.)

Gorillaz’ first proper album in seven years, featuring a galaxy of guest stars, effectively re-boots their sound for 2017, though it’s not as distinctive as it once was.