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REVIEW: Bobby Gillespie & Jehnny Beth – ‘Utopian Ashes’ (Sony)

Surprisingly effective country-influenced duets from Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie and Savages’ Jehnny Beth on ‘Utopian Ashes’.

REVIEW: Jehnny Beth – ‘To Love Is To Live’ (20L07 Music)

‘To Love Is To Live’, the debut solo album from Savages’ lead singer Jehnny Beth, is an uncompromising tackling of the dark sides of life as well as a celebration of its highs.

REVIEW: Savages – ‘Adore Life’ (Matador)

by Matthew Langham Savages’ focussed, demonic Silence Yourself was amongst one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2013 with its confrontational approach to experimental rock and punk. With a Mercury Prize nomination in their back pocket, the all-female foursome return with the follow-up to their debut record, Adore Life. Aesthetically the band borrowed liberally from their post-punk influences, including Joy Division and Siouxsie & The Banshees, and they ran away

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