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An Interview with LAILANA

It is undeniable that LAILANA is an incredible ‘indie-soul’ artist. I strongly believe that one day LAILANA will be a household name. Her emotional powerful vocals are memorizing and impossible to ignore. She’s a diverse artist enthusiastic about experimenting with different genres and collaborating with new artist but maintains her distinguishable, soul influenced, voice.

LAILANA released Galactic Shores on the 29th of October 2021. It is a concept EP following the story of the complexity of relationships between two alien lovers. It includes themes such as doubt, infidelity, and temptation. The EP maintains an out-of-this-world atmosphere through the use of electro-synth beats but grounded by LAILANA’s empathetic, intense vocals.

I interviewed LAILANA to talk to her about her brilliant new EP Galactic Shores and to show the people the amazing woman behind the voice. LAILANA is a genuine kind and compassionate person. She’s enthusiastic about helping and working with other artists and is beautifully humble. You can watch the interview bellow or listen to it on Spotify.

Listen to it on Spotify!

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