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REVIEW: The 1975 – ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ (Dirty Hit / Polydor)

Listening to The 1975 trying to actively forge an intelligent, overarching statement in an era when sincerity has long since died makes ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ arguably the most relevant pop album this decade.

REVIEW: Pale Waves – ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ (Dirty Hit)

Pale Waves deliver their long-awaited debut ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ that has you reminiscing over your long forgotten indie-pop obsessions – in both good and bad ways.

REVIEW: Superfood – ‘Bambino’ (Dirty Hit)

Promising indie four-piece Superfood call in the musical reinforcements for their second album ‘Bambino’, and the quality is consistent enough to suggest a real long-term future is in store for them.

REVIEW: The Japanese House – ‘Saw You In A Dream’ EP (Dirty Hit)

Amber Bain continues her steady and compelling progress with The Japanese House’s fourth EP, ‘Saw You In A Dream’.