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REVIEW: Nadine Shah – ‘Kitchen Sink’ (Infectious / BMG)

Addressing important issues on gender expectations with style and wit, ‘Kitchen Sink’ is Nadine Shah’s finest album to date.

REVIEW: These New Puritans – ‘Inside The Rose’ (Infectious)

Exuding beauty and menace in equal measure, These New Puritans’ fourth album ‘Inside The Rose’ is another avant-garde triumph.

REVIEW: Ash – ‘Islands’ (BMG / Infectious)

Seventh album ‘Islands’ finds Ash in dynamic but uneven form, with the slower tracks and ballads edging out their regular pop-punk glories for the first time ever.

REVIEW: Dead! – ‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’ (Infectious)

It’s been a long wait for their debut album, and Dead! deliver a solid, enjoyable and encouraging experience in ‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’.

REVIEW: Alt-J – ‘Relaxer’ (Infectious / Atlantic)

While it contains some exceptional highlights, ‘Relaxer’ finds Alt-J often struggling to find their footing on an admirably bold third album.

REVIEW: You Me At Six – ‘Night People’ (Infectious)

‘Night People’ showcases a You Me At Six most people have never seen before, with dark and heavier overtones, but it feels like a natural progression, the band maturing with their listeners.

REVIEW: Local Natives – ‘Sunlit Youth’ (Infectious)

‘Sunlit Youth’ is a celebration of hooks and nuances with a developing sound which suggests Local Natives are more than ready to truly break out into the minds of the masses.

REVIEW: The Temper Trap – ‘Thick As Thieves’ (Infectious)

by Ollie Rankine It’s certainly easy to be cynical about bands like The Temper Trap. Often placed somewhere between the dreariness of U2 and Coldplay, and certainly not helped in the long term by that ubiquitous 2009 song, the Australian four piece’s distinguishing traits are easy to unfairly ignore. For starters, the flawless falsetto vocal range of frontman, Dougy Mandagi provides The Temper Trap with an edge not many artists can

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