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REVIEW: Working Men’s Club – ‘Working Men’s Club’ (Heavenly / P.I.A.S.)

Taking inspiration from Chicago house and the more cerebral end of punk, ‘Working Men’s Club’ is a contender for the best debut album of 2020.

REVIEW: Doves – ‘The Universal Want’ (Heavenly / Virgin)

Doves’ first album in 11 years, ‘The Universal Want’ is as original and soulful a comeback record as you’re ever likely to see.

REVIEW: Boy Azooga – ‘1, 2, Kung Fu!’ (Heavenly / P.I.A.S.)

‘1, 2, Kung Fu!’, the debut effort from Welsh band Boy Azooga, is an enjoyable indie debut splattered with electronica and psychedelia.

REVIEW: Saint Etienne – ‘Home Counties’ (Heavenly / Casablanca)

With their ninth album ‘Home Counties’, Saint Etienne deliver a paean to their suburban childhoods that’s occasionally barbed but always beautiful.

REVIEW: Mark Lanegan Band – ‘Gargoyle’ (Heavenly)

‘Gargoyle’ is a reminder of Mark Lanegan’s talent as an artist in his own right, not just us a creative foil for others.

REVIEW: TOY – ‘Clear Shot’ (Heavenly / P.I.A.S.)

The ‘new wave’ of psychedelia that has emerged in the last five or so years has produced many an average, floppy-haired band that are so shoegaze you actually find yourself gazing at your own shoes and falling asleep. Yet there have equally been those who have restored faith in the genre, pushing it forward into fresh and exciting territory. And Brighton-based quartet TOY have certainly played their part. Tripping onto

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