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REVIEW: Soccer Mommy – ‘Clean’ (Fat Possum)

‘Clean’, Sophie Allison’s second Soccer Mommy album proper, will connect to an even wider audience using sweet melancholy sounds combined with lyrics of trauma, weakness, self-destruction and heartache.

REVIEW: The Districts – ‘Popular Manipulations’ (Fat Possum)

The Districts’ third effort ‘Popular Manipulations’ is a mostly enjoyable yet ultimately un-extraordinary dosage of folksy indie-rock.

REVIEW: Minor Victories – ‘Minor Victories’ (Fat Possum)

by Ollie Rankine The usual stir of speculation that surrounds the potential sound of an incoming album has so often been proven to be a futile practice due to a recurring lack of accuracy. For anticipating fans of newly formed super group, Minor Victories, cracking the art of guessing seemed a more attainable task than usual.