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REVIEW: Thom Yorke – ‘Suspiria’ (XL / Unsustainabubble)

At its best, ‘Suspiria’ is the most fractured and unsettled work that Thom Yorke has ever produced.

REVIEW: Jungle – ‘For Ever’ (XL)

It took Jungle a long four years to make, but ‘For Ever’ is little more than a holding pattern after the success of their debut.

REVIEW: Jack White – ‘Boarding House Reach’ (Third Man / XL)

Jack White’s third solo album ‘Boarding House Reach’ is easily his most bizarre and adventurous effort yet, but sounds critically underdeveloped and muddled in many places.

REVIEW: Shamir – ‘Revelations’ (Father/Daughter Records)

‘Revelations” tumultuous beginnings represent a triumph of sorts for Shamir, with its renewed lo-fi noise challenging the listeners to enter the uncomfortable world that Shamir inhabits. However, that doesn’t excuse poor songwriting and delivery to which it is painful to listen.

REVIEW: King Krule – ‘The OOZ’ (XL Recordings)

Archy Marshall’s second King Krule album ‘The OOZ’ is an ambitious sprawl of jazz, hip-hop, scratchy acoustic balladry and beat poetry.

CLASSIC ’00s: Radiohead – ‘In Rainbows’

Ten years on, Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ sounds like a band reveling in freedom from expectations and enjoying a rare period of creative freedom.

CLASSIC ’90s: The Prodigy – ‘The Fat Of The Land’

20 years on, it’s hard to think of many albums that have made such a wide impact as The Prodigy’s massive third album ‘The Fat Of The Land’.

REVIEW: Arca – ‘Arca’ (XL Recordings)

What has always made Arca’s music so unique is his ability to distort and take the listener on a mind-bending journey

REVIEW: The Avalanches – ‘Wildflower’ (XL)

by John Tindale Way back in November 2000 – which, from the point of view of 2016, is so long ago it may as well be ancient history: before 9/11, and when Napster was still a thing and iPods weren’t – Australian music collective The Avalanches released their first full-length LP Since I Left You, which was one of the most creative and original albums of the decade. Constructed with painstaking

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REVIEW: Låpsley – ‘Long Way Home’ (XL)

by John Tindale Two years ago Låpsley, aka Holly Låpsley Fletcher, released the Monday EP – a four song introduction to what was clearly a very promising career. After a major label scramble and bidding war, Låpsley eventually signed for indie record label XL. Though it operates to all intents and purposes as a major, XL is notably home to Adele, the biggest sensation the music industry has known in a

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