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CLASSIC ’10s: Adele – ’21’

A commercial juggernaut, Adele’s heartbreak epic ’21’ was seismic enough to instigate a sea change in the music industry.

REVIEW: Sia – ‘This Is Acting’ (Inertia / Monkey Puzzle / RCA)

by John Tindale Adele, Beyonce, Shakira and Rihanna: what do they all have in common? They all rejected tracks from Austalian writer-for-hire Sia that eventually made it on her sixth album This Is Acting. Sia Furler has long prided herself on being able to adopt the persona of any given pop-star and write a hit in an instant; Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ was written in 15 minutes, while Sia’s David Guetta collaboration ‘Titanium’

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The 100 Greatest Albums of the 2010s… So Far

To adapt that famous misquotation attributed to Mark Twain, reports of the album’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Ever since the turn of the millennium, conventional wisdom has had it that the traditional long-player is on its way out, an arcane format out of time with the digital world that will cede inexorably to a future of singles and playlists. But while many artists have experimented with what an album

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