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REVIEW: Thom Yorke – ‘Suspiria’ (XL / Unsustainabubble)

At its best, ‘Suspiria’ is the most fractured and unsettled work that Thom Yorke has ever produced.

REVIEW: Paul Weller – ‘Jawbone (Music From The Film)’ (Solid Bond / Parlophone)

In a career spanning 40 years, there are very few things Paul Weller hasn’t done, but a film soundtrack is a first.

REVIEW: Scott Walker – ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ OST (4AD)

by Ed Biggs Having recorded some of the most resolutely imposing and challenging music of the last two decades, Scott Walker has gone from poster boy pin-up from his days in The Walker Brothers at the end of the ‘60s to one of the most respected experimental artists in the business in an impressive and unlikely career arc that’s lasted over half a century.

REVIEW: Mogwai – ‘Atomic’ (Rock Action)

by Ollie Rankine The thought of living in an age where the mere, simple push of a single button could begin the cataclysmic implosion of humanity as we know it is certainly not reassuring to say the least. The desire to harness the colossal capabilities of nuclear power has become subject to primary interest of superpowers around the world. The idea of developing something with such formidable potential is mind-bogglingly fascinating

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REVIEW: Soulwax – ‘Belgica’ OST (P.I.A.S.)

by Ed Biggs Unquestionably one of the definitive acts of the noughties, Soulwax seem to have always been around, and yet have not really done anything for a very long time. During the second half of the noughties, Stephen and David Dewaele toured across the world on a punishing, relentless schedule that saw them play roughly five times a week, every week, for half a decade, delighting fans across the world

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