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REVIEW: Ben Howard – ‘Noonday Dream’ (Island / Universal)

Ben Howard’s third record ‘Noonday Dream’ sees him explore lengthier and ever more sombre songwriting, but it retains the charming and compelling qualities that made him a star many years ago.

REVIEW: U2 – ‘Songs Of Experience’ (Island / Universal)

‘Songs Of Experience’ is a conscious, concerted effort from four men nearing their 60s to seize the zeitgeist and sound relevant in 2017.

REVIEW: Empire Of The Sun – ‘On Our Way Home’ EP (The Sleepy Jackson / Universal)

Dropped from Capitol after the commercial failure of 2016’s ‘Two Vines’, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore strike out into a new era with… more of the same.

REVIEW: Jessie Ware – ‘Glasshouse’ (Universal / PMR)

Jessie Ware’s third album ‘Glasshouse’ is her most overtly mainstream effort yet, but still retains her sense of personality and identity.

REVIEW: Vince Staples – ‘Big Fish Theory’ (Def Jam / Universal)

With ‘Big Fish Theory’, Vince Staples explores hip-hop’s historic love affair with dance and electronica on a polished, highly enjoyable album.

REVIEW: Feist – ‘Pleasure’ (Universal)

‘Pleasure’, Leslie Feist’s first album in six years, shows that her strange, playful power has not diminished with time.

REVIEW: Loyle Carner – ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ (AMF / Universal)

‘Yesterday’s Gone’ proves to be a debut album worthy of the hype surrounding young British talent Loyle Carner.