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REVIEW: Ghostpoet – ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ (P.I.A.S.)

Obaro Ijimiwe’s latest Ghostpoet album ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ feels very much like a record of its vaguely apocalyptic times.

REVIEW: Soulwax – ‘FROM DEEWEE’ (P.I.A.S.)

The Dewaele brothers deliver the first proper Soulwax album in 13 years, and while their sound may now be a little dated, it’s still thrilling.

REVIEW: Hippo Campus – ‘landmark’ (Transgressive / P.I.A.S.)

Minnesotan indie four-piece Hippo Campus’ debut album ‘landmark’ lives up to the sterling live reputation they’ve built themselves over the last four years.

REVIEW: TOY – ‘Clear Shot’ (Heavenly / P.I.A.S.)

The ‘new wave’ of psychedelia that has emerged in the last five or so years has produced many an average, floppy-haired band that are so shoegaze you actually find yourself gazing at your own shoes and falling asleep. Yet there have equally been those who have restored faith in the genre, pushing it forward into fresh and exciting territory. And Brighton-based quartet TOY have certainly played their part. Tripping onto

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REVIEW: Crystal Fighters – ‘Everything Is My Family’ (Zirkulo / P.I.A.S.)

Opting for a more psychedelic rave style, there was great promise for a wonderfully original album from Crystal Fighters, but we’ve ended up with a surprisingly bland and lifeless one.

REVIEW: Pixies – ‘Head Carrier’ (Pixiesmusic / P.I.A.S.)

Despite some mediocre moments, ‘Head Carrier’ gives us an older, more sensible Pixies who sound as though they’re having fun with their music.

REVIEW: Roisin Murphy – ‘Take Her Up To Monto’ (PIAS)

by John Tindale “I always believed I had the potential to be a pop star,” Roisin Murphy quipped on her return to music after eight years away with the excellent Hairless Toys, the follow-up to possibly the most underrated album of the noughties in Overpowered. But, as is the case with many stars, Murphy never seemed to transcend popular culture, in just the same way as her similarly underrated group Moloko

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REVIEW: Soulwax – ‘Belgica’ OST (P.I.A.S.)

by Ed Biggs Unquestionably one of the definitive acts of the noughties, Soulwax seem to have always been around, and yet have not really done anything for a very long time. During the second half of the noughties, Stephen and David Dewaele toured across the world on a punishing, relentless schedule that saw them play roughly five times a week, every week, for half a decade, delighting fans across the world

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