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REVIEW: Girlpool – ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’ (Anti-)

Girlpool’s third studio album ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’ is uncharacteristically lethargic and lacking in ideas compared to their previous records.

REVIEW: Deafheaven – ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ (Anti-)

Deafheaven’s fourth album ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ sees the post-black metal masters blot their copybook for their first time, with an interesting but rather flawed outing.

REVIEW: Neko Case – ‘Hell-On’ (Anti-)

Eclectic yet completely coherent, Neko Case’s eighth solo album ‘Hell-On’ is a triumph for female storytelling in modern music.

REVIEW: The Drums – ‘Abysmal Thoughts’ (Anti-)

Now simply a solo vehicle for singer Jonny Pierce, the fourth Drums record is perfectly fine but doesn’t take any risks or offer many variations of the formula.

REVIEW: Beth Orton – ‘Kidsticks’ (Anti)

by Ed Biggs The hybrid genre of so-called ‘folktronica’ is more in vogue now than in any point in last 20 years, but English singer-songwriter Beth Orton was laying languid beats underneath acoustic guitars when the likes of Alt-J were still learning to walk. As a regular guest vocalist for The Chemical Brothers, Orton was the comedown queen, a sultry siren guiding bleary-eyed ravers back to reality. Subtle flourishes of electronica

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