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REVIEW: Deafheaven – ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ (Anti-)

Deafheaven’s fourth album ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ sees the post-black metal masters blot their copybook for their first time, with an interesting but rather flawed outing.

The Top 50 Albums of 2015

2015 has been our first year of operation under our new name The Student Playlist, and it’s been a year of steady expansion. There are now five of us, with a view to adding yet more talented, passionate writers in the new year as we continue in our quest to point out the best new music, rediscover old albums, both stone-cold classics and hidden treasures, and cause lively debate with

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REVIEW: Deafheaven – ‘New Bermuda’ (Anti-)

by Ed Biggs Nominally beginning life as a black metal band in San Francisco at the beginning of the decade, George Clarke’s Deafheaven very quickly transcended the limitations and codes of the genre to win fans from all across the independent music community with 2013’s spectacular Sunbather. With massive arcs of impenetrable narrative, seguing from one discipline to another sprawling over ten-minute long tracks, Sunbather’s sound was a broad church –

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