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REVIEW: Holly Herndon – ‘PROTO’ (4AD)

Meshing her avant-garde and pop sensibilities into a coherent and striking insight on AI learning, ‘Proto’ is another incredible album by Holly Herndon.

Women In Indie

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s a short playlist showcasing the greatest women in the alternative music scene in 2016, ranging from established stars like PJ Harvey and Björk to rising stars such as Courtney Barnett and Lorelei Rodriguez (a.k.a. Empress Of). Happy listening!

The Top 50 Albums of 2015

2015 has been our first year of operation under our new name The Student Playlist, and it’s been a year of steady expansion. There are now five of us, with a view to adding yet more talented, passionate writers in the new year as we continue in our quest to point out the best new music, rediscover old albums, both stone-cold classics and hidden treasures, and cause lively debate with

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REVIEW: Holly Herndon – ‘Platform’ (4AD)

by Matthew Langham Cards on the table here – I’ll be the first person to admit that I’ve never really taken to electronic artists who solely use laptops – particularly in a live setting. I’ve often thought the physical art of making music and mixing has instead been removed by the laptop. For all I know they could be doing anything while pretending to DJ – I guess I just like

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