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REVIEW: The Chemical Brothers – ‘No Geography’ (Virgin EMI)

Looking to their past for inspiration but skillfully avoiding the traps of cheap nostalgia, ‘No Geography’ is the best Chemical Brothers album in 20 years.

The Top 50 Albums of 2015

2015 has been our first year of operation under our new name The Student Playlist, and it’s been a year of steady expansion. There are now five of us, with a view to adding yet more talented, passionate writers in the new year as we continue in our quest to point out the best new music, rediscover old albums, both stone-cold classics and hidden treasures, and cause lively debate with

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REVIEW: The Chemical Brothers – ‘Born In The Echoes’ (Virgin EMI / Astralwerks)

by Ed Biggs It’s taken a five year absence to remind us not to take The Chemical Brothers for granted. With only the soundtrack to the independent film hit Hanna and a live album and theatrical release Don’t Think to tide us over, the commercial dance scene has become totally overrun by the empty calories of EDM, so a reassertion of the nutritional goodness provided by that scene’s spiritual forebears is

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CULT ’90s: The Chemical Brothers – ‘Exit Planet Dust’

by Ed Biggs About to release their eighth studio album Born In The Echoes next month, The Chemical Brothers’ stellar career has begun its third decade: funny to think it all began because the Beastie Boys’ production team wanted their name back. Known at the very beginning of their career as The Dust Brothers, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons were DJs who began to make their own music using basic samplers

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