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REVIEW: Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Age Of’ (Warp Records)

Daniel Lopatin’s latest Oneohtrix Point Never album ‘Age Of’ almost defies categorisation entirely, an enjoyable mess of musical and thematic contradictions.

CULT ’90s: Boards Of Canada – ‘Music Has The Right To Children’

A cornerstone for electronica and one of the Nineties’ most influential albums, revisit Boards Of Canada’s 1998 debut ‘Music Has The Right To Children’ on its 20th anniversary.

REVIEW: Kelela – ‘Take Me Apart’ (Warp Records)

Pulsating, heady and intricately vulnerable, Kelela’s debut album ‘Take Me Apart’ is a strong musical statement in the world of innovative R&B.

REVIEW: Mount Kimbie – ‘Love What Survives’ (Warp Records)

Mount Kimbie’s third album ‘Love What Survives’ sees them go further down the path of third-party collaboration with their post-dubstep sound, and it’s enjoyable without being definitive.

REVIEW: !!! – ‘Shake The Shudder’ (Warp Records)

!!!’s seventh studio album feels very slightly tired and old-fashioned, despite the kind of indie-dance floor fillers they’ve been turning out for over 15 years now.

CULT ’90s: Aphex Twin – ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume II’

Richard D James’ second Aphex Twin album went in a drastically different and challenging direction, and helped cement his mythology as an artist.

REVIEW: Brian Eno – ‘Reflection’ (Warp Records)

An ambient mood piece consisting of just one 54-minute track, ‘Reflection’ sees Brian Eno come closer than ever to achieving infinity with his music.

REVIEW: Aphex Twin – ‘Cheetah’ EP (Warp)

by Ed Biggs Just like English buses, you wait for what seems like forever for new Aphex Twin material to be released, and suddenly loads come along at the same time. Having dropped the impressive album Syro, his first original material in 13 years, in September 2014, the quixotic and imcomparable Richard James has now released his second EP in 18 months.

REVIEW: Brian Eno – ‘The Ship’ (Warp Records)

by Ed Biggs Nearly 50 years after his career began with Roxy Music, the legendary musician, composer and producer Brian Eno is still not content with resting on his laurels, still intent on breaking new ground and staking new territory for himself as well as his peers. Occasionally, his music fleetingly fits in with or fuels the zeitgeist (check out his 1974 debut Here Come The Warm Jets or 1977’s Before

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