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CLASSIC ’80s: Talking Heads – ‘Remain In Light’

An entrancing hybrid of Western rock and African musical traditions that appealed to the soul as well as the brain, Talking Heads’ 1980 album ‘Remain In Light’ remains a beacon of inspiration.

CLASSIC ’70s: David Bowie – ‘Lodger’

The final part of the fabled Berlin trilogy, ‘Lodger’ is under-appreciated in David Bowie’s discography but provided a bridge to his glittering pop future.

CLASSIC ’70s: David Bowie – ‘”Heroes”‘

The second of the so-called ‘Berlin trilogy’, “Heroes” is one of the most complete works of Bowie’s illustrious and varied career.

REVIEW: Brian Eno – ‘Reflection’ (Warp Records)

An ambient mood piece consisting of just one 54-minute track, ‘Reflection’ sees Brian Eno come closer than ever to achieving infinity with his music.

CLASSIC ’70s: David Bowie – ‘Low’

Arguably the most radical reinvention of David Bowie’s chameleonic career, ‘Low’ is one of the very finest artistic achievements of the 1970s.

REVIEW: Brian Eno – ‘The Ship’ (Warp Records)

by Ed Biggs Nearly 50 years after his career began with Roxy Music, the legendary musician, composer and producer Brian Eno is still not content with resting on his laurels, still intent on breaking new ground and staking new territory for himself as well as his peers. Occasionally, his music fleetingly fits in with or fuels the zeitgeist (check out his 1974 debut Here Come The Warm Jets or 1977’s Before

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