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CLASSIC ’00s: Daft Punk – ‘Discovery’

One of the most perfectly realised and presented albums of all time, Daft Punk’s 2001 album ‘Discovery’ is the cornerstone of their massive popularity and enduring legacy.

REVIEW: Miles Kane – ‘Coup De Grace’ (Virgin / Universal)

On his third solo album ‘Coup De Grace’, Miles Kane halts his already glacial musical evolution with songs that you’ve heard time and time before.

REVIEW: Chvrches – ‘Love Is Dead’ (Virgin / Glassnote)

Despite a clutch of future fan favourites and decent singles, Chvrches’ ambitious third record ‘Love Is Dead’ is disappointingly flat and slow-paced.

REVIEW: Beth Ditto – ‘Fake Sugar’ (Myra’s Child / Virgin)

The former Gossip frontwoman releases her debut solo album ‘Fake Sugar’, but it fails to live up to past glories.

CLASSIC ’90s: Daft Punk – ‘Homework’

Daft Punk’s 1997 debut album ‘Homework’ helped to change the direction of house music and broadened its appeal.

REVIEW: Bastille – ‘Wild World’ (Virgin / Universal)

Had ‘Wild World’ actually been wild and taken risks then perhaps it could reach the heights hoped, instead we are left with a see-through attempt at stardom that ultimately is crushed by its own weight.

REVIEW: Jamie T – ‘Trick’ (Virgin)

‘Trick’ reconciles the soulful street poetry of his first two records with his new-found sense of maturity, and it’s Jamie T’s most consistently enjoyable album so far.

CLASSIC ’90s: Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness’

by Ed Biggs While the commercial pomp and circumstance of Britpop was in full flow on the other side of the Atlantic in 1995, the biggest American guitar acts of the day were turning inwards, away from their audiences and exploring the limits of their own talents, not necessarily with any regard to what critics or fans thought about them. Pavement’s sprawling Wowee Zowee, Pearl Jam’s difficult but ultimately rewarding Vitalogy

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