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REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ (Columbia)

The Chainsmokers’ rebrand from annoying EDM-merchants to slick pop operators can’t disguise a lack of soul or original ideas on an overproduced mess of a debut album.

REVIEW: Goldfrapp – ‘Silver Eye’ (Mute)

Goldfrapp’s seventh album ‘Silver Eye’ synthesises all of the band’s previous sounds to come up with something pleasing and powerful.

REVIEW: VANT – ‘Dumb Blood’ (Parlophone)

Literate alt-rock, abrasive punk energy and passionate, political lyrics combine on VANT’s debut ‘Dumb Blood’.

REVIEW: Brooders – ‘Brooders’ (self-released)

Leeds-based trio Brooders deliver a brief and immensely enjoyable history of their rapid progress so far with a self-titled mini-album.

REVIEW: You Me At Six – ‘Night People’ (Infectious)

‘Night People’ showcases a You Me At Six most people have never seen before, with dark and heavier overtones, but it feels like a natural progression, the band maturing with their listeners.

REVIEW: Busted – ‘Night Driver’ (East West)

While the songs are merely boring rather than offensive, it would perhaps have been better if Busted had simply remained in the past, rather than risk damaging people’s memories of them.

REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – ‘Collage’ (Disruptor / Columbia)

‘Collage’, shows off the duos unique potential in the EDM-turned-Pop world and show that they can take the music industry by storm by successfully pairing evocative bass drops and pop.

REVIEW: Slaves – ‘Take Control’ (Virgin EMI)

Expanding the palette of their influences for album two, ‘Take Control’ sees Slaves doing exactly that.