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REVIEW: Slaves – ‘The Velvet Ditch’ EP (Virgin EMI / Universal)

Compared to the leap forwards of Slaves’ most recent album, ‘The Velvet Ditch’ sounds like an afterthought, with the exception of one stunning moment.

REVIEW: Slaves – ‘Acts Of Fear And Love’ (Virgin EMI)

On their third album ‘Acts Of Fear And Love’, Slaves update their template and produce their most emotionally honest and thorough work to date.

REVIEW: Slaves – ‘Take Control’ (Virgin EMI)

Expanding the palette of their influences for album two, ‘Take Control’ sees Slaves doing exactly that.

REVIEW: Slaves – ‘Are You Satisfied?’ (Virgin EMI)

by Matthew Langham Kentish punk duo Slaves, appropriately straight out of the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, the nerve centre of Tory England and the home of the habitual Daily Mail letter writer ‘Outraged’, should be brilliant. I’ve followed their career with interest, listening to their shards of vitriol on numerous occasions, they’re the sort of band I ought to love – but I’m not buying the hype. They’re a perfect

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