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CLASSIC ’80s: Prince – ‘Sign O’ The Times’

Prince’s 1987 masterpiece ‘Sign O’ The Times’ was arguably the last of its kind – the four-sided vinyl blowout.

REVIEW: The Flaming Lips – ‘Oczy Mlody’ (Warner Bros.)

Whilst some may have hoped for an experimental masterpiece, or a piece of psych-pop bliss, on Ozcy Mlody, the Flaming Lips have kept true to their Terror sound.

REVIEW: Regina Spektor – ‘Remember Us To Life’ (Warner Bros)

‘Remember Us To Life’ goes some way to changing that, but though there are new layers of sound, the album feels too disjointed to really take hold.

REVIEW: Banks & Steelz – ‘Anything But Words’ (Warner Bros.)

by Ollie Rankine Artist collaborations experimenting with the fusion of rock and hip-hop are naturally apprehensive ordeals for both musicians and fans to patiently endure until the release date. The pairing of the two genres have previously tasted commercial success within Aerosmith and Run-DMC’s 1986 version of ‘Walk This Way’ and then later, Linkin Park and Jay Z also proving its viability with their 2004, rap rock mash-up, Collision Course.

REVIEW: Cassius – ‘Ibifornia’ (Warner Bros. / Ed Banger)

by John Tindale It has been a full decade since French electronic duo Cassius last released an album in the form of 15 Again, an Ibiza-infused celebrating house during a lull for the genre. Ibifornia, a blending of the club of Ibiza and the sun of California, is an ambitious and risk-taking affair that, unfortunately, misses its target too often.

REVIEW: Biffy Clyro – ‘Ellipsis’ (Warner Bros. / 14th Floor)

by Ollie Rankine It’s slightly amusing to have an external view of the differing blend of continually simmering opinions amongst the ever-growing fan base behind Scottish heavyweights Biffy Clyro. Whilst the battle still rages on between the pre-Puzzle militants and post-Puzzle revolutionaries, the bizarre state of affairs within Biffy-enthusiast civil war may be about to hit overkill with the addition of their seventh studio album, Ellipsis.

REVIEW: Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘The Getaway’ (Warner Bros.)

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ first album in a little over five years The Getaway marks a significant changing of the guard for the band, with their previous producer Rick Rubin, who has been behind every Chilis album dating back to 1991’s breakthrough Blood Sugar Sex Magik, being replaced and a wholesale integration of Josh Klinghoffer, seeing him settle into his role more comfortably following the departure of longstanding six-stringer John

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REVIEW: Peter Bjorn And John – ‘Breakin Point’ (INGRID / Warner / Kobalt)

by Ollie Rankine After releasing six indie pop-soaked albums and then spent five years on recording hiatus, Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John have eventually found themselves embarking on the pilgrimage to full blown pop perfection. Perhaps hoping to finally be rid of that never-ending whistle hook that at first helped mould the trio’s career highlight but completely dwarfed their many other fine accomplishments, PB&J’s new album Breakin Point looks for

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REVIEW: Tegan And Sara – ‘Love You To Death’ (Warner Bros. / Vapor)

by John Tindale Tegan Rain and Sara Keirsten Quin, identical twin sisters from Calgary recording under the name Tegan and Sara for the best part of 20 years now, are a remarkable duo. Rising to fame in the mid-‘00s for their indie-rock music, they met with acclaim from critics for their albums The Con and Sainthood. But on previous record Heartthrob in 2013, their sound moved in an unashamedly pop direction

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REVIEW: iLoveMakonnen – ‘Drink More Water 6’ (Warner Bros.)

by John Tindale iLoveMakonnen, aka Makonnen Sheran, has long been on the attention of the masses without ever releasing an album and while Drink More Water 6 may not be a debut record, instead the latest instalment in a line of mixtape releases, it feels like the closest thing we’ve gotten from the Atlanta based star. After shooting to fame with ‘Tuesday’ (an R&B styled pop song that got over 100

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