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CLASSIC ’00s: Justice – ‘”Cross”‘

Justice’s debut album “Cross” was one of the defining dance records of the 2000s, influencing a decade’s worth of subsequent EDM and pop.

REVIEW: Justice – ‘Woman’ (Ed Banger Records)

The good news for fans of Justice is that the French duo’s signature sound didn’t go anywhere. Though sometimes, you can’t help but wish that by album three they would step out into uncharted territory just a bit more.

REVIEW: Cassius – ‘Ibifornia’ (Warner Bros. / Ed Banger)

by John Tindale It has been a full decade since French electronic duo Cassius last released an album in the form of 15 Again, an Ibiza-infused celebrating house during a lull for the genre. Ibifornia, a blending of the club of Ibiza and the sun of California, is an ambitious and risk-taking affair that, unfortunately, misses its target too often.