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REVIEW: Benjamin Clementine – ‘I Tell A Fly’ (Behind / Virgin EMI)

The follow-up to his Mercury Prize-winning debut, ‘I Tell A Fly’ is a bold, experimental and largely successful step forward for Benjamin Clementine.

REVIEW: Jake Bugg – ‘Hearts That Strain’ (Virgin EMI)

Recovering from critical and commercial disaster last time out, Jake Bugg’s fourth album ‘Hearts That Strain’ sees him back in familiar if entirely unoriginal territory.

REVIEW: Jamiroquai – ‘Automaton’ (Virgin EMI)

Jay Kay and Jamiroquai have been away for seven years, but absolutely nothing has changed on their eighth album.

REVIEW: Slaves – ‘Take Control’ (Virgin EMI)

Expanding the palette of their influences for album two, ‘Take Control’ sees Slaves doing exactly that.

REVIEW: Blossoms – ‘Blossoms’ (Virgin EMI)

Blossoms have been busy blooming this year, with numerous sold out shows across the country as well as making it onto BBC’s Sound of New Music list at the start of 2016. The release of their self-titled debut album Blossoms earlier this week, at the peak of summer and festival season, is just the icing on the cake for the Stockport quintet, sending them into the mainstream headlights in their

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REVIEW: Jake Bugg – ‘On My One’ (Virgin EMI)

by Ollie Rankine An artist employing the aid of external songwriters in the 21st century is by no means unusual. Whilst the music industry remains dominated by large corporate record labels, commercial viability has never been so important and if the writing talent doesn’t match up to the attractive image, the necessary precautions must be taken. Perhaps with something to prove, the title of Jake Bugg’s new record, On My One

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REVIEW: Katy B – ‘Honey’ (Virgin EMI / Rinse)

by John Tindale Kathleen Brien, better known by her stage name Katy B, is the definition of an artist with underground qualities becoming overtly mainstream. After collaborations with Benga, Magnetic Man and DJ Zinc she has firmly put forward her mantra for developing well-done pop with excellent production. It is from this idea that her sleek, sophisticated debut album On A Mission was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2011.

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