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REVIEW: Alt-J – ‘Relaxer’ (Infectious / Atlantic)

While it contains some exceptional highlights, ‘Relaxer’ finds Alt-J often struggling to find their footing on an admirably bold third album.

REVIEW: Feist – ‘Pleasure’ (Universal)

‘Pleasure’, Leslie Feist’s first album in six years, shows that her strange, playful power has not diminished with time.

REVIEW: Wire – ‘Silver/Lead’ (pinkflag)

Post-punk legends Wire’s 16th album ‘Silver/Lead’, their third in as many years, puts many of today’s guitar groups to shame.

REVIEW: Anohni – ‘Paradise’ EP (Rough Trade)

A companion piece to ANOHNI’s ‘Hopelessness’ album last year, ‘Paradise’ is thought-provoking, politically relevant and musically exhilarating.

REVIEW: Dirty Projectors – ‘Dirty Projectors’ (Domino)

After five years of silence, David Longstreth delivers a break-up album of rare insight and unpretentious, interesting execution.

REVIEW: Ryan Adams – ‘Prisoner’ (PAX AM / Blue Note)

With his 16th album in as many years, Ryan Adams still has something to say with ‘Prisoner’.

REVIEW: Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood – ‘Myths 002’ EP (Kemado)

‘Myths 002’ feels less like a coherent release or a teaser of what’s to come and more like an experiment.

REVIEW: SOHN – ‘Rennen’ (4AD)

While the production quality and ambition is high throughout ‘Rennen’, Christopher Taylor fails to showcase anything particularly interesting that we have not heard elsewhere, and done better.