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CULT ’70s: Wire – ‘Pink Flag’

Seething with a creativity and artfulness that set it miles apart from British punk in 1977, Wire’s debut album ‘Pink Flag’ remains a totem for indie culture.

REVIEW: Wire – ‘Silver/Lead’ (pinkflag)

Post-punk legends Wire’s 16th album ‘Silver/Lead’, their third in as many years, puts many of today’s guitar groups to shame.

REVIEW: Wire – ‘Nocturnal Koreans’ (Pinkflag)

by Ed Biggs The story of London post-punk cult heroes Wire is one of those where the artist’s influence is way out of whack compared with their actual sales figures. Their 1977 debut Pink Flag was post-punk before punk was even finished with its three-note thrashings, and two feverishly creative albums in 1978’s incredible Chairs Missing and 1979’s almost impenetrable 154 followed before the group disintegrated through creative differences.