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REVIEW: Indoor Pets – ‘Be Content’ (Wichita)

Indoor Pets’ story so far has been a bit of a struggle, but ‘Be Content’ is a great pay-off, brimming with fun and loud indie-pop.

REVIEW: Cloud Nothings – ‘Last Building Burning’ (Wichita / P.I.A.S.)

Regaining the screaming, cathartic impetus they had lost the last time out, Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings hit top form with fifth album ‘Last Building Burning’.

REVIEW: Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Murmurations’ (Wichita / P.I.A.S.)

Simian Mobile Disco’s sixth album ‘Murmurations’ is yet another strong addition to an inventive and evolving body of work.

REVIEW: Cloud Nothings – ‘Life Without Sound’ (Wichita)

‘Life Without Sound’ sees Dylan Baldi’s Cloud Nothings re-invent themselves once again for their fourth record.

REVIEW: American Football – ‘American Football’ (Wichita)

The legendary first album is iconic and remains the water mark for the emo scene, but American Football’s long-awaited second album shows the band grown up and still capturing introspective melancholy in a way that few others can.

REVIEW: Cheatahs – ‘Mythologies’ (Wichita / PIAS)

by Ed Biggs With their self-titled debut album at the start of last year, the British-Canadian four-piece Cheatahs displayed the kind of trans-Atlantic vision for shoegaze and noise-rock that you would expect from their international make-up. A mixture of the American road/death-trip drone rock you hear from the likes of Wooden Shjips and the melodic fuzziness we’re accustomed to on this side of the ocean, Cheatahs demonstrated a keen understanding of

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REVIEW: Girlpool – ‘Before The World Was Big’ (Wichita)

by Ed Biggs L.A.-via-Philadelphia punk duo Girlpool made one of the most bracing mini-LPs of 2014, their self-titled effort which was re-released by the prestigious indie imprint Wichita by the end of the year. Now up to their first proper album release Cleo Tucker (guitar, vocals) and Harmony Tividad (bass, vocals) (there is no drummer) use Before The World Was Big as a blank canvas to convey a complete distillation of

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