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REVIEW: Girl Ray – ‘Girl’ (Moshi Moshi)

With ‘Girl’, North London trio Girl Ray deliver a radiant, summery sophomore effort as the country heads into winter.

PLAYLIST: An Introduction to Moshi Moshi Records

Now entering their third decade, Moshi Moshi Records’ track record of discovering and promoting major new indie talent is second-to-none.

REVIEW: Teleman – ‘Family Of Aliens’ (Moshi Moshi)

Teleman’s third album ‘Family Of Aliens’ is a thoroughly enjoyable suite of party-bound indie-rock, if rarely threatening to push the envelope.

REVIEW: Girl Ray – ‘Earl Grey’ (Moshi Moshi)

Girl Ray’s eagerly awaited first full-length ‘Earl Grey’ fulfills all the requirements for a promising and entertaining debut.

REVIEW: Alexis Taylor – ‘Piano’ (Moshi Moshi)

by John Tindale By now, Hot Chip are a staple of the British electronic music scene because of their remarkable ability to release consistently brilliant albums that are both clever and danceable in equal measure and much of what the members do in their other projects follows a similar parallel; whether it be Joe Goddard and his more EDM inspired work, or Al Doyle and his time in LCD Soundsystem –

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