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REVIEW: Iglooghost – ‘Clear Tamei’ / ‘Steel Mogu’ EP (Brainfeeder / Gloo)

The idea of twin, yin/yang EPs is a masterstroke from Iglooghost, with ‘Clear Tamei’ and ‘Steel Mogu’ each scanning as different but complementary works.

REVIEW: Speedy Ortiz – ‘Twerp Verse’ (Carpark Records)

Despite a handful of awesome moments, Speedy Ortiz’s third album ‘Twerp Verse’ is strangely lethargic, and feels like it ran out of ideas early in the process.

PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, April 21st-27th

The best gigs of the week in Leeds, featuring Ought, Gengahr and Vessels.

REVIEW: Mount Eerie – ‘Now Only’ (P.W. Elverum & Sun)

Phil Elverum’s ninth LP ‘Now Only’ is a record with more questions than answers, but which develops superbly on what was a decade-defining album.

REVIEW: George FitzGerald – ‘All That Must Be’ (Domino/Hot Flush)

‘All That Must Be’ is by no means a perfect record but is a record which continues to show the promise of George FitzGerald.

PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, March 10th-16th

The best gigs of the week in Leeds – including Marsicans, The Wave Pictures and the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry!

REVIEW: The Breeders – ‘All Nerve’ (4AD)

On ‘All Nerve’, The Breeders have shown themselves to still have a keen eye for groovy riffs and delightfully playful lyricism – there’s just not enough of it on show at times.

REVIEW: Poliça & s t a r g a z e – ‘Music For The Long Emergency’ (Transgressive)

If you have followed Poliça on their discography thus far then this is yet another interesting addition. However, ‘Music For The Long Emergency’ fails as frequently as it succeeds, leaving those unfamiliar to the Minneapolis band’s work little reason to listen now.